CHN Core Values

Community Healing Network Core Values

“Let the sky and God be our limit and eternity our measurement.”—Marcus Garvey

In the spirit of Ubuntu, (“I am because we are,”) and Sawubona, (“We see you”), we strive to live up to these core values:

1. Solidarity: We unapologetically celebrate Blackness in all its forms, and seek to deepen our understanding of our African cultural origins.

2. Empathy: We strive to act with compassion toward every person.

3. Respect: We strive to have all who encounter CHN feel cared for, encouraged, and uplifted.

4. Integrity: We strive to do our work in ways that honor our children and our ancestors. We will not be compromised or co-opted.

5. History: We strive to understand our past and present in order to shape our future.

6. Truth: We will always speak truth to power, but first, we will always speak truth to ourselves.

7. Agency: We know that only we can free our minds. We are in charge of writing our own narrative.

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