Community Healing Days

“Take a day to heal from the lies you’ve

been told and the ones you’ve told yourself.” – Maya Angelou

Inspired by Dr. Angelou, Community Healing Days was one of CHN’s first initiatives. Held on the third weekend of every October, this celebration is designed to put “time for healing” at the top of the global Black community’s agenda, celebrate our resilience, and increase our solidarity.

In 2013, Dr. Angelou issued a call encouraging Black people and our allies to Wear Sky Blue during Community Healing Days as a sign of our collective determination to “turn the pain of the blues into the sky blue of unlimited possibilities.”

We invite you to join us each year, on the third weekend of October, in answering Dr. Angelou’s call. Put “time for healing” on your agenda, and Wear Sky Blue as a reminder that the sky is the limit. Please share photos of yourself, your family, and friends with the hashtag #WearSkyBlue to join this growing global celebration.

Click the link to access our Community Healing Days 2020 Toolkit.


Community Healing Days 2020 Theme:

Making 2020-2030 the Decade to Embrace the Truth of Black Humanity

Friday, October 16th | 2pm (EST)

Cultural Conversation: The Healing Power of African Values

Featuring Dr. Cheryl Grills and Dr. Daryl Rowe

Saturday, October 17th (all day)

Local Community Healing Days celebrations across the African Diaspora

We invite community members to post the attached sky blue circles on social media

in solidarity.

Sunday, October 18th | 2pm – 4pm (EST)

Presentation of the 2020 Community Healer Awards

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