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Our Esusu Spirit Fund is online and we need your help to build it!


Community Healing Network is the only organization focused exclusively on extinguishing the root cause of the dehumanization of Black people: the lie that blackness is inferior.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 as we head into Year 4 of the Decade to Defy the Lie of Black inferiority and Embrace the Truth of Black Humanity. Thank you to those who have donated thus far, because of you all our global grassroots movement is the strongest it has ever been!

Your investment will help fund the Community Healing Network’s Esusu Spirit Fund, a general fund for people who cannot afford CHN’s services, including the Emotional Emancipation Circle 101 and the EEC Facilitator training.

Emotional Emancipation Circles (EECs) are our flagship initiative, a self-help support group process, informed by the principles of African psychology, designed in collaboration with the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi), to help Africans and people of African ancestry escape the European narrative, driven by the lie of Black inferiority, and create a renewed African narrative, defined by the truth of Black humanity.

In 2022, CHN made significant strides in supporting Black folks across Global Africa in their journey toward emotional emancipation:

  • Nearly 2000 people joined our Weekly Emotional Lunch Breaks, an online space for emotional rest and refreshment, from places as near as Canada and as far away as the United Kingdom
  • 121 people began their journey toward emotional emancipation through the Virtual Emotional Emancipation Circle 101 Intensive Experience
  • 61 local leaders were trained as Emotional Emancipation Circle Facilitators and will mobilize others to join them on the journey toward complete freedom from the lie!


Help CHN strengthen and expand our movement-building capabilities by donating today.

A gift of any amount, counts!

Our Esusu Spirit Fund is inspired by the Esusu, a credit institution of the Yoruba of Nigeria. It is a fund created by a group of individuals who make fixed contributions of money at designated times with the total amount contributed by the entire group to be paid out to each of the Esusu members in rotation. This African practice can also be found among people of the Diaspora under different names including Sou Sou, in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, and Panama. Although inspired by the Esusu, CHN’s Esusu Spirit Fund is not a formal Esusu.

CHN is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed  by law.

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