Emotional Emancipation Circles

“The Negro will only be free when he reaches down to the inner depths of his own being and signs with the pen and ink of assertive manhood his own emancipation proclamation.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.


Emotional Emancipation Circles (EE Circles, EECs) are evidence-informed, psychologically sound, culturally grounded, and community-defined self-help support groups designed to help heal, and end, the trauma caused by the root cause of anti-Black racism: the centuries-old lie of White superiority and Black inferiority.

Originated by Community Healing Network, and developed in collaboration with The Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi), EECs are liberatory spaces in which Black people share stories; deepen our understanding of the impact of historical forces on our sense of self-worth, our relationships, and our communities; and learn essential emotional wellness skills to help us be at our best as individuals and as a people.

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In early evaluations, EEC participants have reported significant improvements in their mental health, and transformations in their mindsets and lives. Here’s some of what participants have said:

“The EEC group gave me an opportunity to first talk openly with comfort and ease and authenticity about race. It allowed me to know that there’s nothing wrong with me.”

“It hit me like a brick. It was only at that point that I realized that I had never allowed myself to imagine…what the world would be like without the amount of racism that we have to deal with.”

“It was instrumental in informing the lens that I’m using to engage people of color in some very difficult conversations around the emotional trauma of racism.”

“Thank you, CHN. You have saved lives and improved …clinical outcome(s)…”


Together, CHN and ABPsi have trained more than 1,000 EE Circle Facilitators and planted seeds for EE Circles in nearly 50 cities in the U.S., including Ferguson, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Los Angeles, Oakland, New Orleans; and internationally in Cuba, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Haiti.

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Because of COVID-19, all EE Circle work will be done online until further notice.

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