1. Why has full racial equality proven so elusive in spite of all the constitutional amendments, litigation, and legislation?

We believe the reason is that our community has been fighting anti-Black racism without attacking its root causes.

2. What makes CHN different from other organizations?

We are the leading organization working to end racism against Black people by focusing on its root causes: the ideologies of White superiority and Black inferiority. These ideologies form the foundation for both the devaluing of Black lives and the racial disparities between Black and White people.

3. Why now?

Given the resurgence of proponents of White supremacy, and the increasing assaults on the dignity and the lives of Black people, the time for this movement is now, and it is urgent.

4. Does CHN only provide healing for Black people?

CHN believes that intra-racial healing is a prerequisite for inter-racial healing. Each group must do its own work before we can hope to come together to heal across our differences. Although CHN is focused on addressing the needs of Black people of African ancestry, we help people of all races by raising awareness about, and helping to remove, the fundamental barriers to full racial equality. We are happy to suggest resources for other groups.

5. Are there volunteer opportunities at CHN?

Yes. Please contact us for more information at communitymanager@communityhealingnet.org.

6. How can I join the movement for emotional emancipation?

  • Take the Pledge to Defy the Lie
  • Keep up with our many activities through our social media pages and newsletter
  • Mark your calendar now to celebrate Community Healing Days on the third weekend on every October

7. How can I support CHN?

Help us spread the word about the movement for emotional emancipation and the crucial work we are doing. Consider making a one-time or recurring donation to CHN. We need financial resources that are commensurate to the magnitude of the problem we are solving. No amount is too small!


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