Kwanzaa Day 3 : Ujima Candle Lighting

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Today is the third day of Kwanzaa, and we light the Ujima candle that represents Collective Work and Responsibility. Yet again, we are encouraged to live into the spirit of Ubuntu: I am because WE are. In the above video, Jayanni Webster beautifully reminds us that just as hurt people can hurt people, healed people have the capacity to heal others. This concept of Collective Work and Responsibility ties into Key 3 of the Seven  Keys to Emotional Emancipation which focuses on:

“African Cultural Origins: Who are we and what do we reflect African cultural wisdom.


When we take the time to engage in the work of Sankofa–going back and retrieving the cultural principles of our past–we then open ourselves up to being guided by the rich African cultural wisdom present in our own family histories.

Action Step: 

Today, on the third day of Kwanzaa, CHN encourages you to reflect on the questions: What would it look like to live among a community of individuals who are committed to becoming a “WE PEOPLE” rather than a Me-Myself-&I People? Do you already have people in your life who are committed to such a culture? If so, reach out to them and talk about practical ways you all can live into the spirit of Ujima in the year 2022. If not, what communities exist that embody the spirit of Ujima, and how might you seek to become involved with those communities in the coming year?

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