Kwanzaa Day 7 : Imani Candle Lighting

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Today is the final day of Kwanzaa, and we light the candle representing Imani (Faith). Dr. Earle Fisher beautifully describes this seventh principle of Kwanzaa in the above video, stating the importance to remain rooted and grounded in “a Black faith that frees our bodies and liberates our minds in an act of faith that not only emancipates us, but also empowers us to live our best lives in this realm and in the realm of the everlasting.” The principle of Imani connects to Key 7 of the Seven Keys to Emotional Emancipation which centers upon:

“Spirit, Spirituality, and Spiritness: We Our strength comes from our spirituality and our spiritual connection to one another.”


Harriet Tubman serves as model of how we stay connected to Spirit as she allowed herself to be guided by a Higher Power that gave her the strength, creativity, and wisdom to liberate hundreds of her people out of enslavement into freedom. May we continue the work of Harriet in the year 2022 as we allow ourselves to be guided by Spirit as we Defy the Lie and Embrace the Truth, and usher our people out of mental slavery and into Emotional Emancipation.

Action Step: 

On this final day of Kwanzaa, CHN encourages you to take time this week to pause and connect with Spirit/Spirituality/Spiritness in whatever way feels natural to you. This may mean attending a faith service with a particular congregation, it may mean lighting a candle and sitting in silence, or it may mean going on a walk and giving gratitude for the Divine Spirit you experience in the sun and the birds. However you decide to do it, make time to choose rootedness in the principle of Imani.

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