Reflection and Inspiration: On the Movement for Emotional Emancipation and the August 2019 Valuing Black Lives Summit

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As a man of Yoruba lineage, dedicating myself to the emotional emancipation of African people, cultures, and communities is my mission and mandate. It’s what must be done, here and now, to heal and restore anew, an African sense of self and connection disrupted by the terror and trauma of the last 600 years of exploitation by Europeans.

“Defying the lie and embracing the truth” is about healing deep wounds, and being unrestrained and empowered to connect and be at home with each other; safe, at ease and joyful in all we do together.  Out of this empowered connection and creativity comes our own narrative and culture, with nourishing practices, standards, and customs. The culture of this narrative is the platform for a 21st-century creative renaissance where we are empowered innovators on a mission to help save the world.

The CHN August 2019 Valuing Black Lives Summit in Richmond, was envisioned as an Ancestral commemoration ritual, an experience that would empower us and ignite, exponentially transformative healing across the diaspora. For the 183 of us who were there, you know the experience we shared and you know what the Ancestors did there, you know it’s a new day, so let’s get to work!

I urge you to join and or create Emotional Emancipation Circles in your communities, and if there are none reach out to CHN to be trained as a facilitator and start your own circle. In addition, I urge you to make a financial commitment to CHN, give monthly or donate as you can online via the CHN website

Join the creative process of ideas, of practices, of community and culture building that is our emancipation. It is not a process any of us can do alone this is a community process.

By Mosi Kamau Kitwana
Chair, CHN Global Truth Campaign and Tour Committee

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