...To a world in which all Black people have moved beyond surviving to flourishing.

The lie of White superiority and Black inferiority is the root cause of the dehumanization of Black people all across the African Diaspora. Join us on the journey toward emotional emancipation and cultural healing. Start by taking the pledge to Defy the Lie (of White Superiority and Black Inferiority) and Embrace the Truth (of Black Humanity).

Take the Pledge to Defy the Lie and Embrace the Truth

We are escaping the Euro-centric narrative grounded in the lie and writing our own narrative grounded in the truth and a renewed understanding and re-embracing of African values. We create healing spaces for us as people of African ancestry to renew our minds, bodies, and spirits––spaces in which we grapple with fundamental questions of who and whose we are, and who we want to be. Come with us.

Who am I vs. who I have been told to be?

What in the world is happening to me?

How in the world did I get here?

What makes me a human being?

   Questions developed by Cheryl Tawede Grills, Ph.D.

Let’s Make 2020-2030 the Decade


Embrace the Truth of Black Humanity

Deepen your commitment. Engage in our programs and support our work.


“Feeling” History

“Mama! Mama? Have you seen our Mama?”  It’s been several days since I’ve been back from Montgomery, Alabama, where I spent some time at the Legacy Museum, but those words are still haunting [...]

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2 days ago
Photos from Community Healing Network, Inc.'s post

As we close our celebration of Dr. King, we encourage you to consider how you can embody his words and thereby #EmbracetheTruth of Black humanity in 2021.

Join the conversation on ... See more

2 days ago
Photos from Community Healing Network, Inc.'s post

Happy MLK Day! May these words minister to heart and fuel your soul.

#DefytheLie, #EmbracetheTruth, #FlourishWhileBlack

3 days ago
Martin Luther King- Self Love

In honor of the King.

Happy MLK Day 2021!

#DefytheLIe, #EmbracetheTruth, #FlourishWhileBlack

5 days ago
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COMING SOON | Episode 6: Dr. Kelley Page Jibrell "Queenmother"

Dr. Kelley Page Jibrell (@NananKalia) is a recent doctoral graduate of African Studies and Adjunct Professor of International Business ... See more

1 week ago

"In the middle of the madness, hold on. There is always this and this is everlasting. Hold on."

#DefytheLie, #EmbracetheTruth, and #FlourishWhileBlack

1 week ago

May these words encourage your heart and warm your soul...

Our ancestors are with us.

#DefyTheLie, #EmbracetheTruth, #FlourishWhileBlack

2 weeks ago

Can you identify your feelings?

As we move toward emotional emancipation, it crucial that we name with specificity the feelings are they arise during this journey. Identifying our feelings enables ... See more

2 weeks ago
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"Abiding by the principles of Kwanzaa happens after taking back "our human dignity as people of African ancestry."–Tonya Abari

We invite you to read Tonya's blog post "Healing as an Anchor for the ... See more

2 weeks ago
Candlelight Day 7_Imani

It is the final day of Kwanzaa––Imani (Faith). As we close this day and celebration of Kwanzaa, we hope this candle lighting video in honor of Imanii ignite your faith to #FlourishWhileBlack in ... See more

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