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Our vision is a world in which all Black people have moved beyond surviving to flourishing, and are enjoying life in all its fullness, in body, mind, and spirit.

Our mission is to mobilize Black people across Global Africa to heal from the trauma caused by centuries of anti-Black racism, to free ourselves of toxic stereotypes, and to reclaim our dignity and humanity as people of African ancestry.

Meet Our Founder, Enola Aird

3:39 duration

Our Leaders

Controller, Innovative Consulting

Shantel Garcia

Community Manager

Jan Berger

Development Associate

Jabari Lane

Digital Media Intern

Natacha Otey

I’m excited to join the CHN family as a part-time digital media intern. I’m a certified EEC℠ facilitator, a grandmother, a retired educator, with a M.ED in Curriculum and Instruction, a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and a new diploma in digital media production. I’m focused on the practice of health and wellness, and community activism.

I learned about CHN in 2017, when I participated in my first EEC℠ after, a bit skeptically, researching the organization. That EEC℠ so strongly resonated with me, that I became an advocate of the process. When the Covid pandemic forced the EEC℠ onto Zoom, I witnessed the power of the virtual space, and wanted to play a part in furthering our community health and wellness, as well as my own, by supporting CHN, and the EEC℠ process. I converted the 7 Keys into PowerPoint slides, and embraced the online platform.

When participating in EECs℠, there is a Key that asks us to gauge our progress in adding more purpose to our daily activities and decisions. That key also asks that we examine the extent to which our behaviors align with our values. That Key always triggered in me, a persistent inner nudge emanating from gifts and talents still waiting to be activated. In 2022, I asked myself. “If not now…when?” And so now, here I am.

I needed an internship and decided to reach into the diaspora for that opportunity. “The collective/community (truly) is the basis for what is good, normal, and right about us.” I’m abundantly blessed that CHN reached back when I reached out seeking a part-time internship. Embracing the principle of reciprocity expressed in Ma’at, I value this opportunity to learn while serving.

Our Collaborators